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Hearthy wants to create a decentralized, open and sustainable ecosystem to improve health care access to everyone, regardless of income. Hearthy’s ecosystem will make healthcare more efficient, agnostic to jurisdiction and patient-centered.

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What problems is

Affordable access to healthcare

Decrease of healthcare costs by cutting out the middleman in the access-to-health process: removing the middleman from the equation has the effect of drastically reducing patients’ waiting time, and quickly giving access to more reliable Personal Health Records (PHR).

While PHRs are typically expensive, Hearhty’s platform is completely free through an open source initiative. It is simple to install and there are no licenses to purchase.

Empowering patients

Hearhty’s ecosystem puts the control of medical records in the hands of the patients themselves, who become their own healthcare advocate. The records are also easily and seamlessly transferable to different healthcare providers with different IT systems and architecture.

Ownership of data and user centric KYC

Patients can customize privacy settings and sharing options of their medical records through a user-friendly dashboard. Choosing to give access to healthcare providers and researchers results in tokens or cash back on premiums.

The ecosystem, by design, ensures also the highest level of security for private data. At the same time, healthcare providers become truly accountable when joining Hearthy’s ecosystem.

Open Research

Accessing health data can be tough for researchers. Hearthy is solving the problem by creating an aggregated anonymous repository of medical data, which can give researchers and developers an invaluable pool of information to create predictive models and healthcare applications, and solve public health problems.

Patients registered on Hearthy’s ecosystem give access to their data anonymously to researchers, and get rewards for sharing.

How Hearthy works?

The Hearthy ecosystem consists of a protocol that supports a blockchain-based PHR, a value-sharing digital currency, and a suite of open-source applications that facilitate adoption and increase network effects.

In our ecosystem, patients, medical professionals, healthcare providers and Electronic Health Records (EHR) vendors communicate with each other, generate and transfer value and increase the efficiency, building and deploying a system that is more economical, efficient and patient-centered.

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A health-oriented economy

One of the biggest problems of healthcare nowadays is the healthcare providers’ low accountability regarding the health outcomes of their patients. This creates huge distortion and inefficiencies in the market. A health-related token and a health-oriented economy such as Hearty’s, will encourage users and organizations to achieve better health outcomes.

Every organization working in the ecosystem will have a Health Score, determined by patients’ scorings. Organizations with highest scores and best performance get lower ecosystem fees.

This helps Hearthy achieve another goal, which is to raise the value of the token.

We believe digital currencies are in the verge of mass adoption, and we need our token to be linked to real, off-chain economy. Hearthy tokens are designed to be used by patients to buy medical services, and by medical organizations and health care providers to request information about patients.

Tokens can also be bought and stored in wallets as a savings product. Hearthy’s token tends to be deflationary so it can be used later, as costs of aging rise.

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The Team

Javier Blanco
Diana D. Reinoso
Lead designer
Anxo Soto
Álex B. Ferrín
César Caride
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