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October 15th - November 15th

Hearthy Presale will open on October 15th, Presale will reserve a maximum of 8.700.000 HER, with a 45% Bonus. Hearthy Presale is an excellent opportunity to be a part of one of the most exciting projects in the blockchain sphere.

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Hearthy presale terms

The Hearthy Presale aims to raise a maximum of 6.000 ETH.

All resources will be used to prepare for a future crowdsale, including the following measures: completing the minimum viable product, completing the formal whitepaper, legal expenditures and boost the team and marketing campaign.

If the maximum cap is reached, the presale will be halted at that time. If this cap is not reached, it will last for 4 weeks until closing.

Presale participants will receive 45% more tokens in the crowdsale relative to the equivalent amount contributed in the crowdsale. Tokens will be distributed during the crowdsale.

The main crowdsale will aim to raise a minimum of 6.000 ETH and a maximum of 60.000 ETH though these numbers are flexible at this stage.

The Presale has not a formal mincap, but if a minimum of 600ETH is not reached the project will be frozen and a refund will be avaliable for all the early contributors.


If a participant contributed 100 ETH in the presale and 100 ETH in the crowdsale, they would receive the following: (100 x 1.45) + (100 x 1) = 245 ETH worth of HER.

If they contributed 100 ETH in the presale, they would receive (100 x 1.45) = 145 ETH worth of Hearthy Tokens (HER).

If they contributed 100 ETH during the future crowdsale alone, they would receive (100 x 1.00) = 100 ETH worth of HER.

ICO Terms

Maximum cap on crowdsale: 60.000 ETH

Total token supply: 109.830.769 HER of which:

  • 65% to ICO Investors
  • 23% go to Hearthy Foundation
  • 10% to founders & advisors
  • 2% to ICO bounties
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Presale will be opened from October 15 2017 to November 15. ICO will be opened approximately the first week of December, and will remain opened for a maximum of 3 weeks.

Early ICO20%6.000.000
Early ICO10%11.000.000
Early ICO5%15.750.000
ICONo bonus30.000.000

Token Design and Post ICO Governance

The primary use of tokens is for their owners to receive medical services by using them.Therefore the patients, health care organizations and doctors can use tokens in their daily health care-related transactions. Reaching project milestones deadlines will trigger tokenholder votations.

The ownership of the HER tokens give political and partial refund rights to the token owners, when the project’s milestones are reached. (example testnet ready milestone) token owners will have the right to ask for a refund if the majority of the holders believes the team hasn’t matched the milestone correctly.

If more than 50% vote the project to be discontinued the project will stop and all the remaining funds stored will be refunded in form of ETH.

ICOFUNDING will hold these funds until the milestone is reached. For more info about this topic

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